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Blue.Point Is Evolving

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In 2021, we first brought platform development in house so that we could better serve our customers. Now, three years later, we are ready to begin the next phase. We will soon unveil a new look and feel to our platform. This new look maintains our core concepts and functionality but will allow more flexibility with future improvements in client support and improved data graphics.


Is Blue.Point changing their methodology or functionality?
No. Blue.Point’s methodologies and overall functionality viewing clinical product utilization data will remain the same. The new Blue.Point platform will, however, present a more user-friendly experience.


Will there be new features?
Yes. While the overall functionality of dashboards remains the same, we have worked to streamline navigation, improve data graphics, and refresh user experience. The most notable changes occur in our Project Management dashboard. This will provide a much more robust experience with additional features geared towards helping customers achieve their savings goals.


Will there be a demo to the platform?
Absolutely! Don't hesitate to request a free 30 minute demo to experience the platform firsthand and see how we can make a positive impact to your health care organization.


Stay tuned for the unveiling of our platform's new look and advanced functionalities, and get ready to take utilization to the next level.



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